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  • -Six doors opening design, all four doors and the trunk of the hood can be opened

  • -Front and rear wheels with shock absorber function, press and rebound, return force function, gently pull back, let go and run

  • -The side pedals are retractable and can be manually deployed or recycled

  • -Key to light up cool car lights, simulate real car headlights to turn on

  • -If you have any questions, please contact the seller, the seller will try to meet your requirements, thank you for your support.

  • Product Description

    We earnestly make toy car models, and only make the best, most affordable, and most needed ones, with integrity first. A car model is a kind of jewelry, but also a work of art. Fireproof, heat-resistant, beautiful and generous. Whether it is for family use or as a gift to relatives and friends, it is a good choice.

    Product name: Alloy simulation car model

    Scale model: 1:28

    Product color: red, black, white

    Car model size: 18*7.5*9.2CM

    Product features: The rear wheel is driven by force, four doors can be opened, the hood and trunk can be opened, the side pedal can be retracted, and the sound and light can be triggered by one button. The alloy material is durable and anti-drop, and the paint is not easy to fall off.

    Product material: alloy + plastic + electronic components

    Suitable age: 2 years old and above

    Product packaging: exquisite gift box packaging

    Packing: 1*car model

    1:28 Ambulance Police Car Model Simulation Alloy Fire Truck Children's Boy Sound and Light Pull Back Toys Gift Decorations Six Doors Shock Absorbers - BIN1TWVEJ