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  • Deck concave: NOAH TEAM 8.0 PRO Shallow Concave Kickflip Deck, DECK production mold made by professional players, after several years of continuous test and improvement, golden size 100*34mm * 6 plies Canada Maple, hand-polished, fine workmanship,outstanding sense of hand feeling , suitable for professional players 360 flip, Hardflip ractice competition and collection.

  • The suite provide a professional third-generation 34mm Silvery Trucks, on a third-generation basis, Upgrade LOCK NUT, Pivot Cup. Competent for all kinds of high level moves, LOCK NUT never fall off the wheel, not scratch the players fingers, excellent experience.

  • Standard Germany Full enclosed stainless steel ball bearings with NOAHWOOD Spherical Wheels. Durable, slippery, strong support when competition .

  • The suite accessories : up to 40 parts and detailed instructions inside the packing iron box, fully satisfy the Beginner and PRO Player DIY assembling the fingerboards

  • For safety reasons,we only provide a more security and small cross taper , the larger cross taper (dimension :1.5-3mm) and the blade for cutting the tape not provided. Please replace the tool yourself in need .

  • WHO WE ARE 4
    After changing many kinds of bearings, the wheels began smoothly. I tried to use my finger to slip,
    and I fascinated to the fingerboard at once. The basic action of skateboarding OLLIE was completed in a week.
    KICKFLIP180 and even KICKFLIP 360 completed within a month, My friends think it is amazing.
    It is easy to make a sharp tip with your finger, but completely different from the real action.
    My friends asked for a fingerboard to play. In the next period of time, my life was very regular,
    getting up early every morning, going to bed early, polishing the deck. However, I did not satisfy the current process ,
    I paid the mould cost with all my savings. In total , 48 parts and the quality finally achieved satisfied.
    NOAHWOOD Fingerboards PRO Kick flip Deck: 1 Pcs/Set
    Size :100mm x 34mm
    Type: By 6 Layer Maple Wood with PRO Shallow Concave(By Noah Player Hand Made)

    NOAHWOOD Fingerboards PRO Spherical Wheels: Black (No LOGO Words) With PRO Bearing. 4 Pcs/Set (Bearing Installed)

    NOAHWOOD Fingerboards PRO Common Silvery Trucks: (2 Pcs/Set)
    Size: 34mm

    Parts List Following:

    1. Cup Washer: 2 Pcs/Set
    2. Top Bushing: 2 Pcs/Set
    3. Bottom Bushing: 2 Pcs/Set
    4. Bottom Washer: 2 Pcs/Set
    5. Axle Washer: 4 Pcs/Set(PRO Only 34mm truck)
    6. Free Upgrade Pivot Cup: 2 Pcs/Set (PRO)
    7. Nail: 8 Pcs/Set
    8. Standard Uncut Tape: 2 Pcs/Set (Black and Size: 38mm*108mm)
    10. Tool: 1 Pcs/Set

    If any questions please do not hesitate contact us. NEED DIY.

    NOAHWOOD Wooden Fingerboards Noah Team 8.0 Kickflip Deck 34mm,SilveryTrucks 34mm,PRO Black Spherical Wheels 100 x 34mm Blue Eddy - BJ2W1CNIF